Management Consulting

We provide Management Consulting to improve the performance of your organization by (temporary) contributing you with external skills and advise at all levels (operational, tactical and strategic).


The Management Consultant will help you to analyze the existing organizational problems and develop plans for improvement. 


When required, the plans may be executed in collaboration with our Interim Manager.

In case a more high-end tactical solution is required, L&A has a team of expert Management Consultants available to assist your organization with a holistic approach covering amongst others, legal, fiscal, auditory and financial advise.

Interim Management

The Interim Management area within Labarthe Consulting Group can provide your company with a tactical solution using the help of a proven Interim Manager for short-term assignment during Project Management, during a period of transition, crisis or change within your company.

Other possibilities that should require an Interim Manager could be the need for operational solutions as a result of, for example, a sudden departure, illness, pregnancy and sabbatical.

Project Management

When providing your organization with our Project Management expertise, our approach may include the management of the complete process activities of the initiating, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing of your project in order to achieve your specific business goals.