The accounting is processed in our offices, using our electronic equipment and software. For accounting purposes we use CONTPAQi.

We assign members of the firm corresponding to four levels, including staff members, supervisors, managers and partners.

Our firm is ready to start the initial set up services. According to the Mexican procedure the initial step is to have the act of incorporation issued by the notary in coordination with our lawyers. Once the act of incorporation is issued we will be ready to start working with you, first step being obtaining a tax ID.

The staff members have the responsibility to register all the operations into the electronic system, a supervisor in our work group will review that records of the following operations are kept and filed adequately; this a list of operations is non-exhaustive:

  • Sales and receivable accounts;

  • Purchases and expenses, payable accounts;

  • Income and disbursements;

  • Withheld tax and tax in charge of the Company;

  • Payroll and payroll taxes and social contributions;

  • Creditable and payable value added tax;

  • Advances on income tax and/or business flat tax;

  • General utilities (water, light, gas, etc.);

  • Professional services, leasing, etc.;

  • Record of depreciation;

  • Record of fixed asset movements and stockholders’ equity; and

  • Exchange loss or profit.

Then our staff and supervisor members compare information to validate the integration of accounts, which is further reviewed by the manager together with the partner, in order to prepare and issue the financial reports and information.

Once the latter is concluded, the delivery of the financial information to the Company takes place in the dates previously agreed by both parties.

Our internal quality control group performs reviews in order to assure that the technical concepts are applied properly and that there are no deviations.

As part of our work method we perform the following:

  • Monthly verification of checks cut off, invoices, reception reports and income, in order to guarantee, according to what we were informed and what we received, that the total of operations was recorded.

  • Elaboration of the adequate presentation of financial statements.

  • Bank reconciliations up to date, and verification that there is no delayed reconciliation item or any item that was not verified.

  • We have enough space capability to storage all the physical original information, as well as other documents.

  • We propose establishing a schedule/calendar of specific days to comply with obligations, in order to guarantee that every party is clearing the time of deliveries of any sort.

  • We propose having quarterly or bimonthly meetings to review important aspects of the Company including its financial statements.