Official TAX Reports

Our working plan includes an initial evaluation of the Company’s operations as far as strategy and business approach, the way operations develop, the established practices in order to satisfy fiscal requirements and the current fiscal status, all for the purpose of determining how to adequately comply with the fiscal obligations the Company is subject to.

The tax returns will be prepared with the necessary anticipation for their timely payment, before due dates or compulsory time limits established by the different tax official reporting authorities.


Monthly verification of income, which would have to be declared for the purpose of obtaining estimated of tax payments.


Verification of the restated tax loss carry-forward calculation (if any), applicable to the advance income tax and annual payments.

Concerning the annual tax return on income tax, business flat tax and value added tax, we prepare the following for Corporate Income Tax (ISR):

  • Income for accounting purposes;

  • List of accounting expenses and its grouping by line report;

  • Income statements for income tax purposes or reconciliation between accounting income and taxable income;

  • Income accounts for income tax purposes;

  • Fiscal deductions and its grouping by line report;

  • Reconciliation between accounting deductions and fiscal deductions;

  • Gain or loss in the transfer of real estate properties and goods, if any;

  • Cumulative interest and inflationary loss;

  • Monthly average of clients and foreign suppliers, if any;  

  • Deductible interest and inflationary gain;

  • Calculation of income tax rate for monthly adjustments; and

  • Calculation of tax deduction of investments. 

Value Added Tax

We prepare the following for Value Added Tax:

  • Reconciliation between income tax purposes and the acts and activities for value added tax purposes; 

  • Reconciliation of VAT collected from costumer against invoices issued to costumers;

  • Calculation of the creditable tax for month and for the fiscal year, according to imports, purchases and expenses;

  • Calculation of the caused tax for month and for the fiscal year; and

  • Calculation of the fiscal year end balance sheet, favorable and unfavorable.

Preparation of annual tax returns regarding the following:

  1. Corporate Income Tax

  2. Business Flat Tax

  3. Value Added Tax (informative)


Keep track of information about changes in Mexican laws. We monitor and update information about important changes on any tax matter that may affect the Company or have an impact of any sort.

Other Procedures

We will also perform the following:

  • Assistance in procedures necessary to obtain the incorporation/a password in the Tax Payment Service through the Internet, for what is previously known as “CIEC”, and in addition to the Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL).

  • Confidentiality of the Company’s password.

  • Transcription of tax calculations in the Mexican Treasury Department software and its delivery to the authorities.

  • Maintenance of email account to keep track of any and all communications from and to the Mexican tax authorities.

  • Electronic storage of tax information, in case it is required by Mexican tax authorities

Internet Tax Filing

Internet tax filing activities and follow up:

According to the Mexican Tax Law, all taxes in Mexico must be filled out and paid through electronic means, primarily the Internet. Any specific tax concept having to do with payment or credit balance must be filled out and paid through the bank’s web page, using the taxpayer bank account.

The filling out of the electronic form is done in the Mexican Treasury/Tax Department’s web site, whenever it is only informative or with a balance sheet on zero.

We will perform the above mentioned, obtaining an advanced electronic signature and pass code for the Company and the legal/tax representative (individual), according to the Mexican Tax Law.

An email address needs to be registered in the government in order to receive any and all requirements.

Coordination with the Company's Personnel

The proper and complete information delivery regarding transactions that is the Company’s responsibility is of crucial importance in order for us to conclude our work and issue the corresponding reports, in the previously dates agreed with you.


Hence the importance to review and agree the basis for the information/delivery of reports.